School Lunches

school lunches

Our school meals are cooked in our own kitchen by the School Cook, the quality of food is excellent and the children are enjoying the 'healthy, hot meal' experience.

We operate a three weekly rolling menu and children choose from a wide variety of food and price options. Each day children can choose from the selection of a main meal and sweet, a vegetarian option, jacket potato with cheese and beans and yoghurt or fresh fruit salad option for sweet.

Children do not have to have a meal regularly on a daily basis and can opt to have a hot meal on one, two, three, four or five days just as long as their menu requests are returned as outlined below.

All children who wish to have hot meals will be required to fill out a School Menu Form.

School Menus can be downloaded below.

ALL MEALS HAVE TO BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE - The School Menu forms will not be processed unless accompanied by the correct monies.

Those children entitled to free school meals will have to complete a School Menu Form to indicate food preferences even though they will not be required to pay for the meals. It is also requested that if FSM children do not require a meal. For whatever reason, the school office must be informed to avoid food being wasted.

School Menu forms are to be completed a week in advance. The menus will be available from the school office on the Friday, six school days before the meals are required and must be returned with the correct money no later than 9am Wednesday of the following week. Please instruct your child to collect a menu if appropriate.

Cash is preferable but anyone wishing to pay by cheque must make it payable to Lincolnshire County Council and present it to the School Office with a valid banker’s card. If you require any school dinner envelopes please ask at the school office.