Aims and Vision

What we achieve today, we build on tomorrow

At our school it is our aim:-

  • To offer a balanced, broadly based curriculum which:-
  • promotes the spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and emotional development of pupils
  • provides children with the skills necessary to take the opportunities and responsibilities which will be met in subsequent phases of learning and adult life
  • ensures each child has equal access to the National Curriculum and other learning opportunities offered by the school

Our vision is:-

  • to provide the highest quality teaching in an enriching, stimulating, happy, healthy and safe environment where children develop independence and increasingly take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour
  • to recognise, value and develop the full potential and talents of each child
  • to promote tolerance, confidence, self-esteem, respect, cooperation, self discipline, politeness and high standards of behaviour for all members of the school community
  • to build a learning community based on fair, understanding and caring relationships
  • to be approachable to parents/carers and work together in all areas which will aid their child's development