Pupil Premium Funding

Sutton-on-Sea CP School Pupil Premium Funding 

All schools are given a sum of money for Looked After Children, pupils on Free School Meals and those whose parents served in the Armed Forces. On the whole, these pupils perform significantly lower as a group than their peers. This funding is to tackle disadvantage and should reach those pupils that need it most.

Review for period 2016 / 2017

Our pupil premium for 2016 / 2017 was £116, 110



Cost £

Teaching Assistant Staff Costs    

96,433 ( EYFS / KS1 – 42,463,  KS2 – 53,970)

Nurture and Nature Clubs




Breakfast Club


Attendance and Performance Tracking


Music Provision


Teaching assistant staffing costs were used to support intervention and target pupils to make greater progress.

The latest Ofsted Inspection Data Summary Report (November 2017) showed consistent improvement in progress for KS2 pupils over time. The results of targeted intervention were:

In reading, disadvantaged pupils progresses from Q4 in 2015 to Q1 in 2017.

In writing, disadvantaged pupils progresses from Q5 in 2015 to Q2 in 2017.

In reading, disadvantaged pupils progresses from Q4 in 2015 to Q3 in 2017.

The average progress for disadvantaged pupils in reading, writing and maths at Sutton on Sea CP was:

Reading - +3.24 ( national + 0.33)

Writing - +1.08 ( national +1.08)

Maths - -0.77 (national +0.28)

At KS1 scaled scores from NFER Tests for disadvantaged pupils excluding (SEND)

 Maths – 104

Reading – 101.86

SPAG – 105

Writing at a good level of development for disadvantaged pupils was 71% (5/7)

Nurture and Nature Groups are meeting the needs of identified pupils. Children are happy in school and feel secure and confident in their surroundings. They also believe other children are friendly and believe that adults help them learn in school. These are the outcomes of pupil surveys conducted in Term 2, 2017.

Breakfast Club continues to be successful.

Attendance tracking and monitoring has been successful. Attendance is broadly in line with National Average. The school employs an Attendance Officer and an Educational welfare Officer to improve school attendance and track, support and prosecute (when required) parents / carers who have children whose attendance at school is below age related expectations.

Funds have also been used for the SEN, numeracy and literacy coordinators to track and monitor the attainment and progress of disadvantaged children to ensure the best possible outcomes for them.

Projected pupil premium expenditure for 2017 / 2018

Our pupil premium for 2017 / 2018 was £110,880

 Projected Expenditure


Cost £

Teaching Assistant Staff Costs    

96,330 (EYFS , KS1 – 42,385, KS2 – 53945)

Nurture and Nature Clubs




Breakfast Club


Attendance and Performance Tracking


Music Provision


Teaching assistant staff costs will continue to support intervention and target pupils to make greater progress and attainment. The impact of interventions and greater support will be monitored through on-going assessment; teaching will be adapted to ensure that all children are achieving their targets.        

We will continue to run a Breakfast Club. Nature and Nurture groups will continue to offer children the support to ensure that they are successfully integrated in to all parts of school life.

We will continue to carefully monitor pupil attendance at school and employ, as required, an Education Welfare Officer. The aim is that all children are in line and exceed national levels of attendance.

 We will continue to offer music lessons from a specialist music teacher to ensure all children are able to access such an opportunity.