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From the FOSS Committee

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Being a member of FOSS is very rewarding. Lending a helping hand at a school disco or running a stall at the Xmas Fayre is great fun and a sure way to make new friends.  It is not hard work and the children really appreciate seeing their parents' faces in school.  We are always pleased if parents and carers offer their help at events, manning a stall or helping with preparations, as it shares the workload and makes for successful events.

If you would like to voice your opinion on what we spend the money on (i.e. panto, disco's, trips etc) or you have any fundraising suggestions, please come along to our meetings, we are very friendly and welcome any new ideas.

Meetings usually take place straight after school and it is fine to bring your child/children with you as we will provide them with an activity to keep them occupied.

Current Committee


Chairperson : To be announced.

Vice Chair:  Miss L. Fieldman

Secretary:  Mrs S. Fieldman and Mrs M. Mearns

Treasurer:  Mrs A. Poynton

Committee Members:   Mr R. Bedford, Mrs S. Bedford,  Mrs C. Richies  Mrs S Hawse, Miss Callaby, and Miss Nicholls