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Internet Safety

Sutton-on-Sea Community Primary School operates the following policy on its website regarding the use of photographs, to ensure the privacy and safety of pupils at the school:

  • Photographs that include pupils will be selected carefully and will not enable individual pupils to be clearly identified by name.
  • Pupils’ full names will not be used anywhere on the Web site, particularly in association with photographs.
  • Written permission from parents or carers will be obtained before photographs of pupils are published on the school Web site.
  • Pupil’s work can only be published with the permission of the pupil and parents.

By observing these points, the school ensures that visitors to the website cannot link images of pupils to names of pupils. When choosing photographs for the website, the school is mindful of the way pupils may appear in them, and will not include images which are in any way inappropriate, such as close-up portrait shots of individual pupils.

No other private information about pupils is published on the website such as surnames or contact details.